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4 - I agree that I have read and understood the 'Courtesy Counts' policy and agree that if, in the opinion of, I do not comply to its requirements individual features - such as participation in forums, events, chat, the newswire and polls - may be withdrawn from my profile, my profile may be suspended or, ultimately, my profile will be deleted. I also acknowledge that if any of my actions, activities or comments bring, or are likely to bring, into disrepute then has the right to delete my profile forthwith. I also acknowledge that any activity I undertake which might fall into the generally accepted definitions of harassment or Internet trolling - non-exhaustive examples of which include sowing discord, posting purposefully provocative and contentious content, intentionally provoking argument and unrest and using abusive and offensive language and terminology - will result in the immediate suspension and possible permanent deletion of my profile. I also accept that if my profile is persistently muted by other users that will have the right to suspend my profile indefinitely, delete it or ban me from the service entirely;

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14 - I acknowledge that if I create an event which is promoted as being in aid of charity, then any such charity must be clearly named and officially registered and a verifiable link to that charity's website must appear within the event description and I acknowledge that failure to do this will result in the event not being approved. I also acknowledge that if anything occurs at an event for which I am the host that could be construed as illegal, unlawful or against the site rules I will take the appropriate action (see point 18 below) and acknowledge that failure to do so could result in my ability to create, or attend, future events being withdrawn either temporarily or permanently;

15 - I accept that certain official events, such as NakedFest, carry additional Terms and Conditions which will be clearly stated in the relevant place on the website and that such Terms and Conditions are in addition to, and not a replacement for, these Terms and Conditions;

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18 - I acknowledge that if, during any interaction through (either on-line or at an event), I become aware of, or suspect another member to be involved in, criminal or illegal activity then my first duty is to report it to the relevant authority i.e. the police or otherwise, and to then bring it to the attention of Likewise I accept that cannot be held responsible for any criminal activity or illegal activity encountered through contact or introduction via the website;

19 - I confirm that I take responsibility for my sexual health and shall not knowingly put other members at risk and I agree that I will only engage in safe sexual practices when participating in events. I also agree that if any element of my behavior offends or intimidates any other member(s) in any other way then the host and/or has the right to immediately eject me from any such event and has the right to delete my profile without notice or consultation.

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