No clothes, no attitude
Member Criteria
Naked Mates is open to all men interested in naked networking with other men, but please respect the following..  Our Rules..we only have four basic rules for attending any Naked Mates event:-  	1.	You must be prepared to get naked at the required time, if you don't the event organiser will ask that you leave andthe event won't start until you have left; 	2.	You must practice safe sex - unsafe sexual conduct will get you excluded from an event; 	3.	Where an event is advertised as ‘Social and Sexual’ consensual safe sexual interaction is encouraged, but if someonesays 'No' it means 'No' and if you continually pester another member you will be asked to leave; 	4.	You will not be permitted entry to an event if you appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Picture Verification..  If you’re never attended a Naked Mates event before and are not known to any existing members we may ask you to verify your pictures before you are invited to any naked events.  This is a simple procedure to establish that the pictures you upload are actually you.  About Us and what we expect from You..  We are a decent bunch of laid back and chilled guys who enjoy each other's company whilst naked.  All our events are easy going and relaxed and there is never any pressure to do anything you don't want to do.  We're discreet, courteous, respectful and considerate to one another and each guy attends a meet on the understanding that he is there both to seek pleasure for himself and also to give pleasure to others in the group. Extremes of sexual behaviour, impoliteness and selfishness are not tolerated. If you are seeking a drug-fuelled fuck-fest, you should look elsewhere.  If you do not respect the above, your profile may be suspended or deleted. Home Home