No clothes, no attitude
Naked Night Walks
Here's a selection of frequently asked questions about our Naked Night Walks..  1 - Where do the walks take place? In various locations in and around London and the Home Counties; 2 - Are the woods safe? Yes, all the woods we go to are secluded and safe, none are cruising grounds (contrary to popular belief it's not actually illegal to be naked outside providing you don't offend anyone); 3 - Do I have to be naked? Yes, if you're not comfortable naked with other men, then Naked Mates is not for you. 4 - What happens to my clothes? You can hide them in the undergrowth, or carry them with you; 5 - Hide Them!! Supposing I forget where they are or someone steals them? We have been running these walks for 11 years now and that hasn't happened yet; 6 - What about valuables and car keys? Most guys don't bring valuables on a walk and most guys either hide their car keys with their clothes or tuck them in their socks; 7 - If it's dark will I be able to see? Yes, once your eyes become accustomed to the darkness you will be able to see fine; 8 - Once I'm naked, what happens next? That's up to you, you can interact with the other guys as much or as little as you like; 9 - Is it OK to get erections?  Yep! In fact we take it as a compliment! 10 - I'm not very hung, and am self-conscious about it.  Is that a problem? No not at all.  Once you're naked with everyone else and seen all their 'equipment' you'll soon relax and realise the size of your manhood isn't important to your Naked Mates.  Many guys say that joining Naked Mates and mixing with other naked guys has given their sexual confidence a terrific boost! In fact we often find when guys who are initially self-conscious eventually get their cocks out, it's difficult to get them to put it away again! 11 - Supposing I don't like someone?  Don't interact with them! 12 - What time do walks start and how long do they last?  Usually they start just after dusk and typically last a couple of hours; 13 - How many guys do you get per walk? Typically between 25-30 guys per walk; 14 - How do I get an invite? Keep an eye on the Event Calendar and request an invite when a walk you like the look of is posted. 15 - How do I find out who else will be on the walk? You can check the ‘Guys Keen To Get Naked At This Event’ link to see who else is booked in. Home Home