No clothes, no attitude
Naked House Parties
Here's a selection of frequently asked questions about our Naked House Parties..  1 - Where do the parties take place? In members' private homes in various locations in and around the UK and Europe; 2 - What happens at a Naked Party? Well all the guests will be naked for a start! lt's down to the individual party host what format the party takes, but usually it's the chance to enjoy chilled nudity with like-minded guys; 3 - Do I have to be naked? Yes, if you're not comfortable naked with other men, Naked Mates is not for you. 4 - So is it just social chit-chat or does more happen? Usually it's a good chance to catch up with your Naked Mates combined with the chance to enjoy your own and their nudity with all the benefits that brings; 5 - How long do they go on for? Typically everyone really relaxes and enjoys each other's company at a naked party so they tend to go on well into the early hours, it's not uncommon to leave a naked party at 4 or 5 the next morning!; 6 - I'm travelling a great distance to get to the party, what are the chances I can stay overnight? Most of the hosts are very hospitable so it's likely that staying overnight won't be a problem, but check with the host first; 7 - What about alcohol and drugs? Most people bring a bottle of something to drink in order to be socialable and as a courtesy to the host, but drug taking is specifically forbidden at naked parties - remember you are a guest in someone else's home; 8 - What about condoms and lube? If you are intending to be sexually active at an event then please bring your own supplies, everyone is responsible for their own sexual health; 9 - Supposing I don't like someone?  Don't interact with them! 10 - How many guys do you get per party? Typically between 40-60 guys per party, but the host ultimately decides how many guys to invite; 11 - How do I get an invite? Keep an eye on the Event Calendar and request an invite when a party you like the look of is posted.  Members tend to accept invite requests from guys they know already or whom they have some previous dialog, so you stand a better chance of getting a request accepted if you put some effort into getting to know the host in advance; 12 - Can I bring a friend? Because of our strict member verification policies all site events are members only. If you know someone who you think would enjoy our group please ask them to sign up in the usual way. If you bring an uninvited guest to an event you will not be permitted entry. Home Home