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Naked Mates is a community website and does not carry advertising or allow profiles to be used to blatantly promote commercial services. However we do acknowledge that there are certain commercial activities which are a good match for our members’ interests. Therefore we will allow the promotion of compatible commercial activities subject to the following:- 1 - In return for a commercial membership fee (starting at £62) you may freely refer, and include a weblink, to your business in your profile for a period of one year (during this time your profile will show the status ‘Commercial’). 2 - Whilst you can create commercial events, specifically you must not mention a charge or any pricing anywhere on your profile and, similarly, you must not use the chat rooms, forums, opinion polls, private messaging or newswire to promote your business activities; 3 - If you are considering offering Naked Mates members a discount we have a discount voucher scheme whereby members can download, print and present a voucher to you enabling you to identify legitimate Naked Mates members (if you are interested in this please email; 4 - We do not allow the promotion of events or activities which are held in a private residence where you charge a fee for attending or for services offered. Additionally, if you feel comfortable doing so, we would like you to promote Naked Mates within your business.  This can be via a verifiable link to our website from yours, a mention or weblink in any customer newsletters, emails or communications or by displaying a Naked Mates poster (which we will provide) at your business; For more information on promoting commercial activities on Naked Mates please contact us on If you promote commercial activites on Naked Mates without our prior consent your profile will be suspended without notice.
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Once you have a commercial profile Mark can support you with promotional materials for your business, typical examples of promotional material are shown below.